Based on the cultural scene concept, the SCAENA project aims to analyze the complex embeddedness between the cultural and artistic activities, the presence of start-ups or creative entrepreneurs, and the socio-urban configuration of a territory. Beyond a theoretical and methodological reflection on the concept of scene, the project analyze the emergence conditions, the visibility, and the development of scenes and study their strategic issues, especially for urban governments. The work focus on four main geographic areas : Nantes, Angers, Grenoble and Austin (Texas, USA). 

The DEMEXTRA program aims to characterize modes of urban governance by and of innovation. Two main hypotheses guide the research work: on the one hand, there are three urban regimes of innovation (the regime of demonstration, the regime of exploration and the regime of transformation); on the other hand, these regimes are part of a local and territorial culture of innovation. In this context, the program observes the cities of Grenoble for the demonstration regime, Nantes for the exploration regime and Madrid for the transformation regime.

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